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Picture book ZINE “Moon Gauss and the Night of Christmas”

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AMNI's mascot character "Moon Gauss".

AMNI designer Fuka has been fascinated by the world of picture books since childhood.

I drew a picture book of Moon Gauss as a token of my first visit.

Contains the story of ``Moon Gauss is Born'' and special edition comics.

This is my first work, and I didn't include the text of the story because I wanted people to get a sense of it from the scenery.

Please take a look at the beauty of the world where Moon Gauss lives.

In the special edition comics, members who participated in the Christmas event “Moon Gauss and Christmas Night” held on December 17, 2022 will appear as characters.

The members who will appear are singer Kiwako Ajimine, flower designer Ayumi Kinpouge Yamada, and fashion designer Haruno Tamura.

The character designs that incorporate each image are also a must-see.

The comics depicting AMNI's friends and Moon Gauss will continue to be made into series for each project.

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